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Incense Making: Step by Step

Incense MakingLearn the ancient art of making incense using all-natural ingredients: gums, resins, woods, herbs, spices, fruits, seeds, flowers, wines, honey, etc.

Since ancient times humans have treasured these aromatic gifts of nature for pleasure, ritual, healing, and the esoteric arts. is a FREE educational website that provides step by step instructions with photographs on how to make and burn loose incense, kneaded pellets, trails, sticks, cones, and molds. You can even have fun learning how to play incense games in the ancient style of Japanese Kodo.  

Making Incense

Incense Recipes

Incense Ingredients

Burning Incense

Experience incense recipes with nature's pure ingredients in the ways our ancestors did and begin to enjoy living each day drenched in nature's sensory experience. An extensive recipe design section helps guide you through developing your own unique recipes.

Make incense recipes that inspire your day, cleanse a space, or relax your evening. Set the mood to entertain guests... meditative mixtures... enhance and bring clarity to your dreams... create a sensual blend for an evening of romance and intimacy...

Incense has been a part of daily life since the days our ancestors gained the ability to control fire. With the first toss of an aromatic branch in the fire we quickly began learning about the vast world of aromatic plants and their incredible properties.

Incense is the very root of medicine, perfumery, and ceremonial practices. Incense is still used today in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine and remains deeply rooted in the spiritual practices of many cultures and individuals.

Incense is the origin of our love for nature's exotic and mystical scents. A power and connection so strong it has evolved into today's multi-billion dollar perfume and aromatherapy industries. The very word perfume comes from the Latin word per fumum, which means "through smoke." 

Earth's aromatics enrich our daily lives and reconnect us to that which is beyond all words... to experiencing the infinite richness of the present moment.  In our universe of human sensory experience, smell plays a most vital role. Enriching our home and daily life with the enchanting fragrances of nature feeds and nourishes our very being. is an educational web site dedicated to living our lives in harmony with nature, specifically through the creative enjoyment of its mystical and sublime scents and this timeless ancient tradition.

We make no claims to be experts, masters, or gurus of any kind, nor do we profess in any way to present every method of how to make incense or how to burn it; we simply desire to share with the world what we've learned about incense and create a place for it to grow and evolve. We hope it enables more people to enjoy this simple method of enriching ones life and realizing we are nature.

Journey with us and let's reconnect with nature through the timeless tradition of making incense.

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