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Burning Sticks
Incense Sticks, Cones, and Molds are burned by simply lighting one edge, waiting a few seconds until the tip glows red, then gently blowing or carefully fanning out the flame.

The incense stick, cone, or mold needs to stand, sit, or lay in a fire-proof incense burner such as an incense bowl or cup filled with ash, sand, sea salt, etc. You can use a seashell filled with ash, a ceramic cup,  metal bowl, etc. The limits are bounded only by the need for a safe, fire-proof material.

There are many specialty incense stick holders available, if you choose one just make sure it will work for the thickness and length of the sticks which you'll use and/or make.

Burning Incense Sticks

1 use a fireproof burner filled with ash (or sand, crushed rock, etc.)
2 light the top tip of the stick, cone, or mold... wait a few seconds until the tip glows red... then carefully fan or blow out the flame
3 stand the stick or cone in the burner... and enjoy!

Option: if using ash, you can lay the stick down on its side - this is a much safer and cleaner method

Caution: Never leave burning incense unattended and keep it and all burning materials away from children.
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