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Game of Three

The Game of Three

Three unique kinds of aloeswood are used in this game. Each wood is cut into three pieces, about the size of a grain of rice, and wrapped in separate packets. This produces a total of nine packets. Each packet has a small hidden label inside which denotes the type of aloeswood it contains.

The packets are shuffled and three random packets are chosen to play the game with.

Step 1

The Komoto (incense presenter) informs the guests that three woods are being used and they are named 1, 2 and 3.

Step 2

The Komoto prepares the Kodo cup, called the Kiki gouro, meaning “listening cup,” and passes around each wood. The first wood is called number one and so on to number three.

Step 3

Each guest experiences each wood and determines if the fragrances were identical or different. Each guest scores on a sheet using vertical lines to indicate each wood. Separate lines indicate woods were different. Horizontal lines connecting two or more woods indicates the guest to believe those woods were identical.

Scoring sheets would look something like this:

The Komoto opens the packets used, reads the hidden labels and reveals the answers.


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