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Rikkoku Journey

The Rikkoku Journey

This game uses the entire Rikkoku set, also known as the Six Countries of Aloeswood

Six unique kinds of aloeswood are used. A piece of each wood is cut, to about the size of a grain of rice, and wrapped. Six packets total. Each packet has a small hidden label inside which denotes the type of aloeswood it contains. The packets are shuffled and the game begins.

Step 1

The Komoto or guests read the aroma descriptions for each wood of the Rikkoku.

Step 2

The Komoto shuffles the packets, prepares and passes each wood to the guests. Used packets are laid out in the order they're used.

Step 3

Guests experience or "listen" to each aloeswood and matches the aroma of each of the six woods with the official Kodo description for the six woods of the Rikkoku. Each records their answers on a their own answer sheet.

Scoring sheets would look something like this:

1st wood = Kyara

2nd wood = Manaban

3rd wood = Rakoku

4th wood = Sasora

5th wood =  Sumotara

6th wood = Manaka

The Komoto opens the packets used in their order, reads the hidden labels and reveals the answers.

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