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What is Kodo? Part 2
What does Kodo offer contemporary Westerners?

Kodo offers westerners the same things it does in Japan: the enjoyment of playing a game with others in a social setting, a peaceful retreat from busy life, opportunity for mindfulness practice, a soothing time to wash away the thoughts of the day, and the discovery of the many pleasures of one of the world’s most treasured aromatics; agarwood/aloeswood.


What's your advice to get started?

Anyone can begin to learn more about Kodo with easily obtained books from your local bookstore or library. Two we recommend are:

The Book of Incense: Enjoying the Traditional Art of Japanese Scents - by Kiyoko Morita (ISBN 4-7700-2389-8)

Kodo : The Way of Incense - by David Pybus (ISBN 0-8048-3286-2)

If not soon after reading through this website, then certainly after reading these two books, you'll be ready to begin playing your own incense games with friends and family.

Where does the novice go to learn more?

There is some wonderful additional information on Kodo found at

What is Kodo? (Page 3)