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What is Kodo? Part 3

How long does it take to become proficient?

Kodo is immediately enjoyable to anyone who participates in a ceremony or plays its games. Proficiency can be looked at in two ways. The first has to do with training the nose or olfactory system in the brain to recognize and identify the scents of the different aloeswoods. Some people are immediately very good at this and for many others Kodo is an excellent way to reawaken your olfactory system to perceive and recognize aromas.



Secondly, there is the proficiency for hosting a ceremony. One can usually begin hosting an informal Kodo ceremony with friends and family shortly after reading the books suggested earlier and obtaining a few basic items. To learn more details of the presentation and the various host positions involved, simply participate in more Kodo events, and watch as the ceremonies unfold.


Kodo is a lifelong endeavor in which one continuously learns more and more each time a game is played. In Japan, a person trains and studies for over 30 years before they become a master of Kodo, and even then if you ask one, he or she would most likely tell you they are still in training and will be for life.

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