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What is Kodo? Part 4

Is Kodo expensive? Are there ways to defray the expenses or improvise?

Kodo can be as frugal or luxurious as you want it to be. An elegant form of art, or a simple game to enjoy with friends and family.

You can start with very minimal tools such as a cup, ash, charcoal, a mica plate, and some aloeswood. All of the utensils used in Kodo can be substituted with common household utensils like tweezers, a butter knife, etc.

The books on Kodo are reasonably priced and may be available at your local library or through an inter-library loan.

As with all things in the refined arts, if one wishes to take the Kodo ceremony very seriously there is no ceiling on what one can spend on the wide variety of very beautiful and elegantly crafted Kodo equipment. You can create a specialized Kodo room in your home, or even travel to Japan and study with a Kodo master...



Note the legend of the Jiki-ko-ki, or "incense-eating-goblins." They are the ghosts of those who for the sake of profit, made or sold bad incense and by that karmic action now find themselves as hunger-suffering spirits and compelled to seek their only food in the smoke of incense. 

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